Working from Home – How Can Comply™ Foam Tips Help?

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You heard the news. You know what’s going on. Do we even need to reiterate why so many people are working from home? On the 13th of March, Comply headquarters implemented a work-from-home policy to keep their employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. As we adjust to the “new normal”, we found that it’s hard to adapt to working from home. Here are some ways we have coped with the changes.

Virtual Socializing

Every morning, teams have virtual meetings to talk with their colleagues about work, life or other conversations we normally have in the office. “Being able to see my coworkers during video meetings helps me feel like we are all together in the office again!”, Doug Till – Military/Industrial Business Development Manager. He uses Comply tips to block outside noise so he can hear what his coworkers are saying. His favorite device is the Jabra Elite 75t with our TrueGrip Pro tips for Jabra.

Taking Breaks

You don’t have to go to crowded public spaces to get away from your house. When the weather permits, here in Minnesota, we like to take a walk with our dogs or solo. A breath of fresh air and natural light gets us motivated to keep working and getting things done. During this time, our OEM Business Development Manager, Shawn Winn, prefers to use his Jaybird X4 device with Comply Ultra tips. Our eCommerce Manager loves to use her AirPods with SoftCONNECT by Comply to keep her AirPods in her ears while she walks her dog in the morning.

Plug in and Jam out

Sometimes, we just need to plug in and jam out to get a project done. Music has always been a leading source of reducing stress and increasing focus, so of course we use that tactic! Our Global Retail BDM, Sam McKinney, uses Comply tips to increase his focus and concentrate. “Being able to have comfort over extended hours of listening and better sound allows for me to zone in and get big projects done.”

With the changes in our day-to-day lives, it’s important to stay physically and mentally healthy! Here at Comply, we split up our company to keep our employees safe and to have the ability to support your needs. “Our goal is to maintain a safe and effective workplace for all those impacted during this unprecedented time.” – Chris Hudson, President.


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