Why you should consider the Variety Pack

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There is no one way to enjoy audio, so we designed different foam tips. The Variety Pack includes a pair of Isolation, Sport Pro and Comfort tips. Ideal for new Comply™ users, people who use earphones for different things like working out and commuting and people who have multiple earphones.

What’s in the Variety Pack?

1. Sport Series

Whether you’re running, jumping, cycling, or pumping iron, you need earbuds that can keep pace with your active lifestyle. Comply™ Foam’s Sport Tips are specially designed for athletes in need of earbuds that stay put during their arduous routines. These tips utilize our incredible viscoelastic memory foam technology to perfectly conform to your ear’s unique shape as it shifts and reacts to changes in temperature, body movement, and hydration, creating a custom dynamic fit every single time you pop them in. Comply Foam tips also offer twice the grip of standard silicone products, guaranteeing fewer interruptions in your workouts. They’re also 30 times softer than silicone, ensuring that your ears won’t wear out or get fatigued regardless of how many laps you run or reps you finish.
Best of all, we offer TechDefender™ Protection technology for our Sport products. These acoustically transparent filters protect the core of your earphones from component corrosion and loss of sound quality due to perspiration. They’re a must-have for users who want to make their earbuds even more durable by keeping moisture, sweat and debris out.
Simply put, these are peerless earbud tips for peerless athletes. Do away with mediocre and ill-fitting tips that hamper your exercise sessions, and embrace the future of athletic sound gear.  

2. Isolation Series

When you’re immersed in the rhythm and passion of your favorite tracks, there’s nothing worse than being pulled out of the moment by an obnoxious conversation, a squeaking sneaker, or a honking car horn. That’s why we created Isolation Tips. These models were specifically engineered to maximize sound quality while minimizing external audio. In fact, these tips are so effective at isolating sound that professional wingsuiters and skydivers can use them to cancel out debilitating wind noise that exceeds 120 decibels. All Isolation products are 10 times thicker than standard silicone tips, offering twice the external noise reduction. That means you’ll be able to listen to your audio at lower volumes without sacrificing quality or your hearing. Last but not least, Isolation Tips feature a special bullet-shaped design that creates a flawless fit inside your ear canal, funneling your music directly into the ear and sealing out other sounds in the process. The result? Substantially enhanced bass and sound clarity during listening sessions.
Say goodbye to annoying audio distractions, and prepare to experience your content the way it was intended to be heard.

3. Comfort Series 

Earache is the bane of every earbud user. Regardless of whether you’re jamming out to an incredible album, going for a casual jog, or binging your newest podcast, ear fatigue always seems to cut your listening sessions short. That’s because standard silicone tips aren’t soft enough to stay in your ears without causing pain or discomfort after an hour or so. Comply Foam’s Comfort Series was developed to provide unbeatable comfort for users. These tips have a unique spherical shape that actually reduces the amount of pressure you earbuds exert on your ear canal. With a pair of Comfort tips, you’ll be able to enjoy track after track without worrying about earache or fatigue.
And trust us, once you’ve felt the superb softness of Comfort tips, you’ll never settle for silicone again.
Are you ready to try out all of the amazing audio experiences that Comply Foam tips can offer? Your Variety Pack is waiting.

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