What is a Comply™ Comfort tip?

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Comply™ Comfort Series memory foam tips are specially designed to provide maximum comfort all day. These tips have a unique spherical shape to reduce the amount of pressure on your ear canal. That means no more interruptions due to ear pain. Whether you’re enjoying music at home or work or on the road, the Comfort Series will enhance your listening experience.

Optimum Comfort and Sound Quality 

The proprietary foam used in Comfort Series Tips is 30 times softer than silicone, creating an incredibly soft and relaxing fit while significantly reducing ear fatigue and irritation. With the superior feel and fit of Comply™ tips, you can listen comfortably to your favorite tracks for hours on end. Comply™ tips also funnel sound from your device directly into your ear, enhancing bass levels and ensuring that you catch every aspect and nuance of your audio. You’ve never heard sound quality like this before.

Maximum Sound Isolation, Protection and In-Ear Retention 

Comply™ tips are designed to block out any and all external noises. In fact, they provide twice the decibel reduction compared with standard silicone tips. That means you can listen to your audio content at comfortable levels regardless of the environment you’re in. Do away with distractions and disturbances, and let music fill your world.

If you’re interested in increased protection, our Tsx-Series Comfort tips come with a WaxGuard™, an acoustically transparent filter inside the tip that keeps earwax and debris from clogging your earphone’s soundport. They’re a fantastic choice if you want to avoid constant cleanings and guarantee that your Comfort tips will last even longer than normal.

Best of all, Comfort tips utilize special body-heat activated memory foam to form a perfect fit for your ear’s unique size and shape. This technology dramatically increases in-ear retention and keeps your earphones in place during your workouts, travels, and jams. Gone are the days of the ill-fitting headphone. Stick with us, and they’ll never return.

Why Choose Comfort 

The Comfort Series is a fantastic fit for commuters and travelers who find themselves taking long and frequent car, bus and train rides. Ready to binge a new podcast, groove to your tunes, or simply drown out the sounds of your fellow travel companions? Just pop these tips in and let the world around you melt away in a wave of aural bliss.

Comfort tips are also great for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who want to experience the full highs and lows of their favorite albums. Why settle for cheap silicone tips that hurt your ears, fall out constantly, and provide vastly inferior sound? Do away with mediocrity and invest in headphone tips that project your music in the highest quality possible.

Last but not least, Comfort tips are an incredible tool for office workers, particularly if they want to keep their headphones in for extended periods of time. Their unique foam will protect your ears from pain and fatigue, and the peerless sound quality and dB reduction they provide will shut out the sounds of clicking keyboards, clattering printers, and even the most vocal coworkers.

To put it simply, if in-ear headphones hurt your ears over long-listening sessions, then Comfort Tips are perfect for you.

Compatible Models for Many Earphone Brands

Don’t compromise sound quality with shoddy earbud tips. You invested in the best earphone tech for a reason, so why settle for a lesser sound when they come equipped with silicone rubber or plastic tips? Outfit the best earbuds with the best tips. All of Comply’s different series work with top brands, so find your fit today using the “Find Your Fit” tool at the top of this page.

100: Klipsch, Westone, Shure, Etymotic Research, Audiofly and more

200: Sony, Bose, Atomic Floyd, Monster, Philips and more

400: Audio-Technica, Denon, House of Marley, JVC, LG, Philips, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, V-Moda and more

500: AKG, JBL, Ultimate Ears, Noble Audio, Harman Kardon, Empire Ears and more

600: 1More, Audeze, Erato, Plantronics – Backbeat GO 3, Rowkin, SoundPEATS and more

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