Tune into noise reduction with new You Tune

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Taking off in a Kickstarter campaign, You Tune has quickly risen to become a bonafide supreme quality hearing protection – and a Comply™ brand partner.

With patented adjustable earplugs, adjustable filter technology and a host of interchangeable music accessories, You Tune aims to offer a next-generation experience.

“Through a strong partnership with Comply™, You Tune was able to achieve an ANSI certified adjustable 24 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).” said Jeremiah Smith Au.D., CCC-A, owner of You Tune Hearing Protection. The filter technology enables users to manually adjust the level of noise reduction to fit their listening needs. Plus, users can remove the filter from the silicone earplug and insert You Tune’s wireless/wired earphones or High-Fidelity Music filters for further versatility.

Manufactured in the United States, You Tune products will begin shipping domestically and around the world in November with Comply foam tips as accessories.

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