New Retail Partner: Audio world no longer waits in South Africa

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musica retail store South Africa

A world of music and sounds awaits retail customers in South Africa. Thanks to distribution partner Luks Brands, Comply products will now be available in the Musica retail chain’s mega stores.

Musica has 122 stores across South Africa offering music, movies, games and tech to customers. It carries the country’s largest selection of brands and audio accessories, and is considered the go-to destination for headphones.

Online, the retail giant provides customers with the latest products, music and movie charts, as well as recommendations on the hottest trends.

To begin, Musica will carry four Comply products in 13 of its mega stores, including three-pair packages of: Sport Pro – SmartCore™, Audio Pro – SmartCore™, Variety Pack – SmartCore™ and Truly Wireless Pro.

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