New Comply™ Foam Custom Wraps Enhance the Fit, Comfort, and Performance of Custom-Molded In-Ear Monitors

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Small adhesive strips of memory foam improve upon excellence and revolutionize the music performing experience

OAKDALE, Minn. (September 23, 2014) – Addressing the need for comfortable, isolating, and secure custom-molded in-ear monitors, Hearing Components has introduced Comply™ Custom Wraps. A natural extension of the Comply™ brand, the Custom Wraps are ideally suited for musicians, sound technicians, and audiophiles. With a similar feel to Comply™ Foam Tips, Custom Wraps will be available through select retail shops and online stores.

Made with high-tech, viscoelastic polyurethane memory foam, Comply™ Custom Wraps are body heat-activated and breathable to conform to the ever-changing shape of the ear canal. Comply™ Foam products are founded on the knowledge that the ear canal is a dynamic environment. Comply™ products utilize super-soft memory foam that creates a perfect, custom seal for every in-ear situation.

Recognizing that comfort, isolation, and personal fit are crucial elements for any custom-molded in-ear monitor (CIEM) user, the Wraps leverage the popular soft Comply™ foam that holds the CIEM securely in place while eliminating annoying sound leaks and discomfort that can occur during long playing, or listening sessions.

Traditional CIEM’s are made of hard plastic or silicone that is molded specifically to the user’s ear canal. Custom Wraps enhance the CIEM’s performance, maintaining a proper seal whether the individual is performing live on stage, or just relaxing, listening to music.

The Wraps are designed to do exactly as the name implies – the thin adhesive-backed strip of foam wraps around the soundport of the CIEM to create an enhanced, compliant fit.

For the musician, Comply™ Custom Wraps provide an elevated audio experience. Because the foam creates a perfect ear canal seal, all sound from the in-ear monitor is channeled directly into the ear canal.

“Those of us who use them know how important a consistent and secure seal is for any audio experience,” says Steve Trinter, director of sales and marketing for Hearing Components. “Beyond the added comfort they provide for CIEM’s, the Wraps will ensure you have hi-fidelity and a superior audio experience. We’ve designed the wraps with the idea that you’ll forget you’re wearing hard, plastic IEM’s and simply enjoy the audio moment.”

The patented technology behind Comply™ products is unrivaled. With engineering based on knowledge of the ear-canal structure and with innovative memory-foam technology, Comply™ products dramatically enhance the listening experience.

Comply™ Custom Wraps can add additional noise reduction to standard CIEM’s. Specific decibel reduction depends on the model of CIEM and the fit of the CIEM to the user.

Comply™ has been supplying these Custom Wraps to several multi-platinum artists for live performances and studio work. Now, they are making the Wraps available to everyone.

Each Comply™ Custom Wraps package includes ten strips (five pairs) of wraps for five applications. The retail cost is $17.95 USD.

For more information about the Comply™ Custom Wraps and the full line of Comply™ products visit

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