New Brand Partners: Klipsch and beyerdynamic

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beyerdynamic Xelento

Featuring award-winning sound, the X12 Neckband from Klipsch breaks away from the plastic monotony and brings together premium hand-picked materials, beautiful copper accents and unsurpassed acoustic technology for a superior listening experience. The neckband comes with a pair of Comply™ Comfort Ts-100 tips, specially designed to provide maximum comfort. With an all-day battery, call vibration alerts and carefully selected leather, these wireless in-ear monitors provide durability, comfort and audiophile-grade sound.

Klipsch X12 Neckband

The new in-ear headset for mobile devices from Beyerdynamic, Xelento Remote emphasizes the precision and radiance of music with every sound played – including on the move. With miniaturized Tesla technology, the headset provides an authentic and sublime musical experience. The “audio piece of jewelry” also provides wearing comfort and detailed elegance for the ultimate audiophile lifestyles. Three pairs of Comply™ Foam Tips are included for superior sound quality.

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