How to Make Your Jaybirds Even Better

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When you’re ripping across the pavement at full speed or pushing to finish that last set of reps before exhaustion claims you, there’s one unfailing source of inspiration that keeps you going: music. Its beats, riffs and rhythms converge on you when you feel like giving in, filling you with the power, fire and drive to push beyond every obstacle in your way. And if you want to get the most out of your music, you need the best athletic headphones in the business. Whether you already own a pair of Jaybirds or are looking into picking up a new set soon, odds are good that you already understand why these wireless headphones are treasured by athletes across the world. Pairing long battery life with water-resistant technology and fully customizable sound features, Jaybird headphones are a phenomenal way to keep your music with you when you’re on the move.

Jaybirds are equipped with some of the best silicone rubber tips in the business. And thanks to the exceptional earphone products we’ve designed here at Hearing Components, you can make your Jaybirds feel, fit and sound even better. Our innovative Comply™ foam tips are the perfect tool for boosting the performance of your Jaybirds, creating a more snug, comfortable fit that minimizes external noise while boosting sound quality. And believe us, once you’ve listened to one of your favorite tracks through a pair of Comply™ foam tips, you’ll never go back to silicone. Today, we’ll be discussing how three of our custom Jaybird tips can improve your headphones.

1. Comfort Series Tips

There’s nothing music lovers detest more than earache, especially when they’re in the middle of their daily run or one of their top albums. Unfortunately, the silicone tips used by most earphones put so much pressure on your ear canal that they begin to cause ear pain after about an hour or so. Comply’s Comfort tips are a dream come true for audiophiles who use their Jaybirds for lengthy listening sessions. Thanks to our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology, Comfort tips are 30 times softer than silicone, making them 30 times more comfortable! Moreover, these tips utilize a spherical shape that further reduces the pressure they exert on the ear canal, preventing ear pain and fatigue. Put simply, if you’re sick of your Jaybirds hurting your ears, then our Comfort tips are a great choice for you.

2. Sport Pro Series Tips

It’s almost impossible to get into the rhythm of your workout when your headphones are slipping out at every opportunity. To mitigate this issue, our Sport Pro tips are designed with isolating memory foam, providing 100% better grip than silicone tips and creating a secure fit that keeps your earphones exactly where they belong. These tips can also be equipped with SweatGuard™ protection, acoustically transparent filters that keep the soundports of your Jaybirds free of moisture, sweat and earwax to ensure that they last as long as possible. These top-quality tips are a perfect choice for athletes and people with active lifestyles.

3. Isolation Series Tips

The world is loud and full of distractions, a fact that music lovers know all too well. How are you supposed to enjoy your audio when it’s constantly being interrupted by squeaking sneakers, loud conversations and obnoxious car horns? Isolation tips are the best way to take serious control over your sound. Products from this series bear a unique, bullet-shaped tapered design that seals the ear canal, effectively shutting out external noise and without decreasing the quality of the rich music entering your ears. Furthermore, because Comply™ Isolation tips are 10x thicker than standard tips, they offer twice the external dB reduction, fostering safer listening experiences by enhancing sound at lower volumes. These tips are best for everyday listeners, musicians and athletes seeking peerless sound isolation.

Comply’s Jaybird Variety Pack

Having trouble deciding which Comply™ series will work best with your Jaybirds? Then try them all! Our Jaybird Variety Pack features one pair of Comfort, Sport Pro and Isolation Series tips. This bundle is a great choice for users who need tips for multiple Jaybirds or want to swap their tips out for different applications. Whether you’re working out, commuting, playing along to your top tracks or just settling down to unwind with your favorite music, our Variety Pack has everything you’ll need to take your audio to the next level.

Which Jaybirds Are Comply™ Tips Compatible With?

All Comply™ Jaybird tips are compatible with the following Jaybird models:

  • Jaybird Freedom
  • Jaybird X2
  • Jaybird X3
  • BlueBuds X
  • Jaybird Run (New)
  • Freedom 2 (New)

If you’re interested in picking up a set of Jaybirds, we highly recommend the Jaybird Run or Freedom 2. Both of these new variants feature outstanding battery life and custom sound options. Best of all, all three types of Comply™ Jaybird tips will work perfectly with these models, allowing you to enjoy optimal sound quality, comfort and fit from day one.

Contact Hearing Components Today

If you have any questions about our industry-leading earphone tip products, then don’t hesitate to call or message us. We’d be more than happy to chat with you and discuss what we can do to unleash your audio’s true potential. You can also reach out if you want more information on finding the best earbud tips for Jaybirds (or any other earphone brand) to match your unique audio needs and preferences. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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