Introducing SoftCONNECT™ by Comply™, Compatible with Apple™ AirPods™

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Do more. Stop adjusting your AirPods and stay focused on what matters. SoftCONNECT keeps your AirPods in your ears. 

Comply announces the launch of SoftCONNECT, designed by the engineers at Comply to be compatible with Apple AirPods and EarPods™. Combining a soft foam tip with a silicone sleeve, SoftCONNECT easily attaches to your AirPods, while providing a secure and comfortable in-ear fit. Enjoy the freedom of using AirPods without the fear of them falling out.

“SoftCONNECT represents the next step in our product strategy by combining the in-ear and hearing expertise of the Comply team with great brands and products like the Apple AirPods. The patented technology behind SoftCONNECT, coupled with the high quality of AirPods, will transform our consumers’ listening experience through a secure fit, all-day comfort, and sound quality that is unmatched within the industry,” said Chris Hudson, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Unlike standard Comply memory foam tips, which require tip compression before use, this soft foam allows users to quickly and easily insert and remove AirPods from their ears without sacrificing comfort or fit. SoftCONNECT also allows users to continue to hear their surroundings so they can remain alert.  When the device is not in use, users will be able to store their SoftCONNECT tips in the provided carrying case while their AirPods are charging.

SoftCONNECT gives users peace of mind. AirPods will remain securely in-ear during dynamic activities such as exercise or taking phone calls on the go. With a single lost AirPod costing as much as $69 to replace, it’s understandable that consumers everywhere are concerned with the security of their device. SoftCONNECT by Comply provides the best solution.

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About Comply

Comply foam tips are included in-box with over 80 of the world’s leading earphones. They are also used in a variety of other applications such as military, security, law enforcement, and industrial communication devices. With more than 25 years of experience understanding the ear canal, advanced knowledge in material science, and comfort-focused expertise, Comply continues to protect hearing and transform how the world listens.

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Kirsten Callahan
Consumer and Marketing Specialist

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