Fosho Joins the Comply™ Foam Family

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Fosho Logo

As Hearing Components continues to expand our distribution network throughout the world, we’re happy to share the news of another awesome distributor! Fosho, based in the Netherlands, serves tech products to early adopters and innovators in the Netherlands and Belgium with top lifestyle brands such as Jaybird, Grit Audio, Anova and many more. With their marketing expertise and multilingual team, they will help build the Comply™ name to become a strong brand in their territories.

Comply™ Premium Earphone Tips are now part of their inspiring offering:

  • Comply™ Isolation blocks noise from the external world, without raising the volume.
  • Comply™ Comfort features a spherical tip shape for long lasting comfort.
  • Comply™ Sport Pro features an acoustically transparent filter to protect earphones from moisture damage while providing in-ear grip.

Fosho’s website: 

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