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It’s Quarantine Time!

By:  Nicky Trim, Account Manager for Comply™ I did it, I finally did it!  With the help of my husband, I successfully completed my first official week of quarantine with three young children, one of which is now being home-schooled.  … Continue reading

Working from Home – How Can Comply™ Foam Tips Help?

You heard the news. You know what’s going on. Do we even need to reiterate why so many people are working from home? On the 13th of March, Comply headquarters implemented a work-from-home policy to keep their employees safe during … Continue reading

Win the Battle Against Bad Sound and Poor Fit

If you’re one of the masses frustrated with poor sound quality, fleeting bass, tin-sounding tunes and plugging your earbuds back into your ears every 200 meters on your jog, find salvation in the best thing to ever happen to earphones. … Continue reading

Razer to Include Comply™ Foam Tips with Their New In-Ear Hammerhead USB-C ANC Earphones

The industry-standard in advanced engineering for in-ear comfort, stay-in-ear grip, and superior audio experiences has partnered with Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, to include the ultimate earphone upgrade in-box for Razer’s new Hammerhead USB-C ANC earphone. OAKDALE, … Continue reading

5 Awesome Ways to Personalize Your In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones deliver discreet listening experiences you can enjoy almost anywhere. And while no one can question the level of utility these audio products bring to the table, they aren’t exactly the most stylish or expressive ones on the market—at … Continue reading

Which Type of Foam Eartip Is Right for You?

If you use in-ear headphones and value high-quality listening experiences, then foam eartips are an absolute must. These innovative products feel, fit and sound better than conventional silicone tips, bringing a new level of comfort and consistency to your listening … Continue reading

Ideal Eartips for Loud Work Environments

When most people think of loud workspaces, they envision roaring chainsaws, bellowing vehicle engines and blaring music at nightclubs. But as many office workers can attest, traditionally “quiet” work environments can be just as noisy—particularly when thin walls or obnoxiously … Continue reading

What to Look for When Purchasing New In-Ear Headphones

If you’re looking to swap out your current earbuds for a new model, you might be a little overwhelmed by all the products vying for your attention. There are wired earphones, wireless earbuds, true wireless earbuds and even custom-molded in-ear … Continue reading

How to Eliminate Earbud Fatigue

There’s a single phrase that strikes terror into the hearts of earbud users the world over—earbud fatigue. (Apologies for any discomfort caused by making you read that.) We’re all familiar with the feeling of being pulled away from our favorite … Continue reading

Premium tips hit shelves of major Australian retailer

JB HiFi is giving Aussies and Kiwis even more grab-and-go convenience. The largest home entertainment retailer Down Under just added Comply™ SmartCore™ foam tips to its shelves alongside Beats and Jaybird brand track products. “JB Hi Fi is the leading … Continue reading