5 Awesome Ways to Personalize Your In-Ear Headphones

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In-ear headphones deliver discreet listening experiences you can enjoy almost anywhere. And while no one can question the level of utility these audio products bring to the table, they aren’t exactly the most stylish or expressive ones on the market—at least when they first come out of the box. Fortunately, there are several tricks you can employ to add a splash of personality to your earbuds and improve aspects of their performance based on your unique needs.

We created the Comply™ Foam brand to empower audio enthusiasts with all the tools and support needed to improve the quality of their in-ear headphones. Our leading-edge foam eartips leverage advanced viscoelastic technology to enhance the grip, comfort and sound isolation of your earbuds, providing exceptional listening experiences to inspire and drive you. We also appreciate how important it is to love the sound, feel and look of your audio gear. That’s why we’ll be taking a few minutes today to describe a few tactics you can use to personalize and optimize your in-ear headphones.

1. Customize Your Earbud Case

Even the coolest earbuds can’t reach their full potential without an awesome case. Storing your earphones in a secure case will also go a long way in ensuring that they aren’t damaged while you’re out and on the move, optimizing their lifespan. Of course, there are tons of stylish earbud cases available online, but it’s often difficult to find an aesthetic that perfectly matches your interests and style. That’s why we recommend customizing your case. There are all sorts of trinkets you can add to your case to bolster its personality, from keychain toys to feathers. Can’t find a case that matches your needs? Then think about crafting your own! That way, you’ll be able to choose the exact dimensions, fabrics and colors you want your earbud case to bear.

2. Experiment With Different Earbud Colors

Even a small dash of color can completely change the look of your in-ear headphones, especially if you pick up a pair with a unique finish or metallic sheen. And while there are plenty of DIY guides on painting your earbuds, we don’t advise following them. Getting wet paint in your audio equipment can cause permanent damage and destroy your buds completely, so it’s almost always a better idea to leave coloring to the professionals. Luckily, there are quite a few online stores that offer earbuds in custom colors. Whether you’re looking for high-end earbuds like Apple Airpods or something cheap and simple, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Do some hunting online until you find a color and model that mesh perfectly with the look and sound you’re craving. And if you’re looking to match your colored earbuds with high-quality tips, then check out our Isolation Series tips. We offer a range of color options for these products to match your style.

3. Try Your Hand at Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss is a strong, vibrant (and inexpensive) cotton product that’s typically used for clothing. But with a touch of creativity, you can fashion this floss around your earbud cords, creating unique designs that are as colorful or subtle as you prefer. We recommend matching the colors of your floss with other consistent parts of your outfit (like your shoes or jewelry). You can even go with a look that matches your earbud case. Here’s a handy guide on how to safely outfit your buds with embroidery floss. Just be sure to play around with a few different color palettes and find one you like before buying your floss.

4. Zip Your Earbuds Up

Tired of dealing with tangled earbud cords? Then enhancing your buds with zippers might be the perfect solution. We love this idea because it pairs style with utility. It’s so much easier to keep your buds in good condition when you can just zip them up and store them away in a case at the end of a listening session. The zipper also adds a distinct aesthetic and texture to the earbuds, which pairs beautifully with most sweatshirts, jackets and coats. We usually recommend matching the fabric to the look of your buds to avoid clashing colors, but feel free to try out any color scheme that speaks to you!

5. Invest in Foam Earbud Tips

Unlike the upgrades we’ve listed so far, earbud tips don’t add much to the visual appeal of your gear. But the performance improvements they bring to bear more than make up for that. Unlike standard silicone products, foam tips actually change to match the size and shape of your ear canal as it reacts to shifts in temperature and movement, creating a consistent and comfy seal at all times. Foam tips are also significantly softer than silicone, which goes a long way in combating ear fatigue.

If you’re interested in looking into foam tips, then be sure to explore our Comply™ products. These eartips feature twice the grip of standard silicone, making them ideal for active users. They’re also thirty times softer and ten times thicker than silicone products, delivering a level of comfort and sound isolation that no other eartip can match. Whether you’re an athlete, a musician or a casual listener, we can set you up with foam eartips that perfectly match your lifestyle.

Enhance Your Earbuds With Comply™

Be sure to call or message us today if you’d like more information on Comply™ and our wide selection of custom eartips. We offer products with optimized grip for long and sweaty workouts, extra soft tips to maximize comfort, and even longer tips that allow you to create your own pair of isolation headphones. Also, be sure to contact us if you need more advice on personalizing your in-ear headphones to accommodate your style and needs. We’re always here to help.

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