4 Ways to Improve Your Listening Experiences With In-Ear Headphones

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The quest for full audio immersion frustrates many music lovers, particularly those who use in-ear headphones. Why? Because while earbuds are unrivaled when it comes to convenience and sound isolation, they present a few barriers that can be tough to overcome. Fit issues, earache, tangled cords, and the list goes on. Luckily for all of us, there are a few incredibly simple strategies you can use to overcome these annoyances, increasing the quality and longevity of your listening experiences in the process.

Hearing Components is committed to providing our fellow audiophiles with everything they need to enjoy music to the fullest. That’s why we make Comply™ Foam earbud tips, which utilize state-of-the-art technology to optimize the grip, comfort and sound isolation of in-ear headphones. We also understand how frustrating it can be when your earbuds don’t deliver the quality experience you expect. So today, we’ll be going over four strategies you can use to make your earphones feel and perform better. Read on if you’re ready to enjoy the best listening experience your earbuds can offer.

1. Insert Your Buds Properly

One of the most common mistakes we see earphone users make is inserting their buds incorrectly. To create a snug, comfy fit that shuts out the maximum amount of external noise, you’ll need to put your earbuds in the right way. The trick here is to roll up the tip of your earbud (if you are using a foam tip), straighten out your ear canal, and then gently insert it into your ear. From there, foam tip users should hold the tip in place for about 30 seconds or so. Once you let go, your earbud should feel secure and comfortable.

If you’re following these steps properly and still experiencing discomfort or fit problems with your buds, then your in-ear headphone tips might be too large or small for you. Fortunately, tip sizes are pretty flexible, so hopping up or down a size will usually fix this issue.

2. Do Away With Cords

Cords can be a massive nuisance for earbud users—especially musicians and athletes—because they have a tendency to snag on objects at every opportunity. And we’d be remiss not to mention their affinity for getting tangled up whenever they’re put away unwrapped. However, there are a few tools you can use to mitigate this issue. Shirt clips and cable cinches are a great way to control those pesky cords, keeping them from getting damaged or ruining your listening experience by catching and getting ripped out of your ears. Moreover, wrapping and storing your wired earbuds in a case will help you avoid tangling and damage to the model.

If you’re really passionate about keeping cords out of your way, then we recommend picking up a pair of wireless in-ear headphones. For example, the Dash by Bragi is a premium wireless earbud model that pairs exceptional sound quality with a sleek, ergonomic design to comfortably fit almost any user. Pair these features with its whopping 4 GB of internal storage, and it’s no surprise why casual music lovers and professional athletes alike rely on the Dash for phenomenal, hassle-free listening experiences.

3. Upgrade Your Grip

It’s almost impossible to enjoy in-ear headphones with subpar in-ear grip, especially if you’re on the move. No one enjoys scrambling to grab their buds as they pop out and fall. Solid grip is even more important for wireless buds, which can be heavily damaged or lost if you don’t catch them before they hit the floor. If your current earbuds fall out frequently, you can upgrade them with a few handy additions that optimize grip. First, look into earbud hooks that improve in-ear grip. (Just be sure to choose a pair that are made for your specific earbud model.) Investing in earbud tips with superior grip can work well, too. Lastly, if you’re willing to swap out your current buds, then consider buying a pair of custom molded earphones. Wearing earbuds that match your ear’s unique shape will go a long way in keeping them in place and ensuring that your listening experiences go uninterrupted.

4. Make Your Earbuds Softer

A vast majority of in-ear headphone users share a common foe: earache. It’s that nagging sensation of soreness that pulls you away from your audio after wearing earbuds for an hour or two. If you’re anything like us, you hate the idea of your gear dictating how long you’re allowed to immerse yourself in music. That’s where foam earbud tips come in. These incredibly comfy products are a welcome relief from their rough silicone cousins. In fact, our Comply™ foam tips are 30 times softer than silicone, making them 30 times more comfortable! We even offer a line of Comfort tips that leverage unique spherical designs to further reduce pressure on the ear canal, making earache a distant memory. Be sure to reach out to your earbud manufacturer if you need help finding foam tips that match your specific model.

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