4 Truly Wireless Headphones We Made Even Better

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Comply Foam Truly Wireless Premium Earphone Tips

Unless you were born after the spook of Y2K or have been living on a remote desert island for the past 20 years, you’ve probably noticed the impressive technological advances that have been made across consumer products. Laptops are lighter and more mobile than ever, the iPod was created and has gone through more than 20 iterations, and now you can literally take a walk in virtual reality by using cardboard. As if that wasn’t topsy-turvy enough, headphones have downsized from large, metal uncomfortable muffs to discreet high-tech wireless in-ear buds.

As fantastic as it is that headphones have downsized enough to fit wirelessly within your ear canal, manufacturers of these high-tech buds haven’t perfected a critical component yet: the earphone tip.

Without an earphone tip made of high-quality materials that adapt to the unique shape of every person’s ear canal, listeners everywhere risk losing deep bass, sound quality and the ill-fitting earbud itself when it falls out of the ear. Comply Foam realizes this pitfall to truly wireless earphones and we’re here to fix it.

Many times, earphone tips are made from a low-quality silicone rubber with a one-size-fits-all perspective in mind. Or, best case scenario, these buds might have the option of buying a couple different sizes of rubber tips or sleeves to help fit the petite or larger ear canal—also under the assumption that all small, medium or large canals are the same intricate shape. In a world where truly wireless earphones are on the horizon, a near tailor-fitted earbud tip is critical to making sure these little guys stay in place no matter what you’re doing.

Comply Foam’s premium earphone tip replacements made especially for truly wireless technology will take an awesome earphone and make it even awesomer. Check out four truly wireless earphones you can get now and amp up with the best earbud tips on the market.

  1. The Dash by Bragi

Dubbed the “world’s first hearable,” The Dash by Bragi is a discreet all-in-one solution built for much more than listening to music. It’s meant to tag along in your ear for practically anything you’re doing on your average adventure. This set of sensor-stuffed earphones include an activity tracker that can record steps, calories, distance, breaths, heart rate, and more, on dry land or in the water.

And with the Dash’s microphone, take a call and chat away. They also pack an impressive 4GB of storage, so you can get to what truly matters—the sound of all that music you can bring with you. When it comes to a truly secure fit that provides premium comfort for long-lasting wear, only Comply Foam’s Truly Wireless memory foam earphone tip replacements provide a snug, secure fit for any ear.

  1. Samsung Gear IconX

Completely wire-free and ready to work for you, the Samsung Gear IconX cordless earbuds are ready to pump your jams and track your activity with spooky accuracy. But with tip options available in only small, medium or large, odds are good that you won’t find the best fit for you. The viscoelastic foam that makes up our Truly Wireless line of earbud tip replacements isn’t just über-comfortable, but it also features a reduced tip length which fully allows the sensors of the Gear IconX earbuds to make contact with the ear for even more reliable activity tracking data.

  1. VerveOnes by Motorola

The VerveOnes by Microsoft tout some pretty impressive stats: 12 hours of battery life, 33 feet of Bluetooth range, dual integrated mics, and compatibility with both Siri and Google Now. However, these earbuds also offer six different audio profiles and deep, rich high-def sound. Experience this HD sound to its fullest extent (as well as some serious sound isolation) with Comply Foam’s perfect ear canal seal so sound is funneled directly into the ear and not lost along the way.

  1. BÖHM S10

These earbuds were truly designed to play breathtaking beats while you walk, jog, workout or just hang out. BÖHM was born out of sincere love for music, so it’s no wonder that they’re forging the path for the greatest wireless music experience any earbuds have ever offered. Boasting sound clarity, extra bass and superior noise cancellation, don’t miss one beat of these fine features. One way to do so is with our replacement premium foam tips that will make sure ambient sound stays out and sweet, sweet tunes stay in.

Make Your Wireless Earbuds the Better

Truly wireless earphones are the sliced bread of headphones—fancy, refreshing, and a new standard. Comply Foam is ready to take the technologically superior sound and functions of wireless earbuds and make them better. Make sure these gadgets stay in place through any hike, trek, climb, swim, trail ride and more while providing the cleanest, deepest sound imaginable. Hear what music is supposed to sound like without compromising fit or comfort. Get the best Truly Wireless earphone tips on the market and get the most out of your sound.

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