4 Common Earbud Frustrations & How to Fix Them

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Earbuds empower you to enjoy your audio anytime and anywhere, filling you with fire, passion and positive energy whenever you need them. However, despite their many benefits, these invaluable tools often bear a few key drawbacks that inhibit your overall listening experiences. At Hearing Components, we take pride in offering fellow music lovers all of the resources and support they need to enjoy their audio to the fullest. That’s why we’ll be taking a few minutes today to discuss four common earbud frustrations and some of the best ways to fix them.

1. Ear Fatigue

Every earbud user is familiar with ear fatigue. It’s that dull, irritating ache that rears its ugly head during extended listening sessions, forcing you to pull your buds out in the middle of your favorite album or lap around the track. In most cases, ear fatigue is caused by the silicone tips of your earbuds. Because standard silicone is a relatively hard, rigid material, tips made from it quickly wear your ears out, spoiling your listening experience after around an hour of use. If you’re looking to put an end to these annoying bouts of aural discomfort, you’ll either need to break up your listening sessions into smaller chunks (not a chance) or invest in superior earbud tips.

Luckily, there are quite a few high-quality tips you can use to upgrade the comfort of your earbuds. For example, Comply™ Foam tips are made with incredibly soft memory foam that’s 30 times softer than silicone, making them 30 times more comfortable than the average earbud tip. We even offer a special line of Comfort tips that leverage a unique spherical shape to further reduce the pressure your buds exert on the ear canal, making ear fatigue a thing of the past.

2. Tangled & Snagged Cords

If you own a pair of wired earbuds, you already understand how problematic their cords can be. They catch on corners, get wrapped around door handles and end up in a tangled mess at the bottom of your pocket or purse every time you put them away. These issues force you to commit time and patience to sorting your cords out instead of immersing yourself in your favorite songs.

One of the best ways to resolve your cord issues is to swap your current earbuds out for a wireless pair. These audio products take cords out of the equation entirely, granting you total freedom of movement without having to worry about getting caught on every pointed object in your vicinity. Barring this solution, you should consider looking into portable cord wraps or earbud organizers. You can wrap your wired earbuds in these compact audio accessories quickly and conveniently, ensuring that their cords won’t get loose and tangle up in your bag while you’re out and about. Best of all, even high-quality leather cord wraps are pretty cheap (around eight dollars max), so there’s no reason not to pick one of these up if you’re struggling with tangled messes of earbud cords.

3. Subpar In-Ear Grip

How many times have you been pulled away from your audio due to buds that refuse to stay in your ears? In-ear headphones with lackluster grip strength have stopped countless workouts, jam sessions and podcast binges dead in their tracks. And by the time you snatch up your troublesome buds and get them back into your ears, you’ll have lost a great deal of your enthusiasm and drive. If you’re sick and tired of these pesky interruptions, then take heart; we’re about to share a great solution for them.

As you may have guessed, earbuds rely almost entirely on their tips for gripping power. Consequently, one tip upgrade is all you’ll need to spare yourself from slippery earbuds. Be sure to check out Comply™ tips if you’re ready to put this earbud frustration to rest for good. Our products offer 100% better grip than normal silicone tips, resulting in significantly fewer interruptions during each listening experience, no matter how lively or energetic they become.

4. Short Lifespan

Good earbuds can cost a pretty penny, which is why it’s so frustrating when your pair breaks or becomes damaged after only a few weeks of use. What many earbud users don’t realize is that they’re constantly exposing their buds to perspiration and debris when wearing them. When these materials reach the core of your buds, they can cause component corrosion and severe loss of sound quality due to blockage, effectively ruining your in-ear headphones.

Believe it or not, some of the industry’s finest foam tips for earbuds can be outfitted with technologies to protect the earphones’ soundport and core. Take Comply’s SweatGuard™, for instance. Comply™ Sport tips equipped with this optional technology leverage acoustically transparent filters to prevent sweat, moisture, debris and any other harmful material from entering your earphones’ soundport, keeping its core components in perfect condition. Put simply, if you’re seeking top-quality foam tips for exercise that will keep your buds in peak condition, then Sport tips with SweatGuard™ are a natural choice.

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