Introducing SoftCONNECT™ by Comply™, Compatible with Apple™ AirPods™

Do more. Stop adjusting your AirPods and stay focused on what matters. SoftCONNECT keeps your AirPods in your ears.  Comply announces the launch of SoftCONNECT, designed by the engineers at Comply to be compatible with Apple AirPods and EarPods™. Combining … Continue reading

Why you should consider the Variety Pack

There is no one way to enjoy audio, so we designed different foam tips. The Variety Pack includes a pair of Isolation, Sport Pro and Comfort tips. Ideal for new Comply™ users, people who use earphones for different things like … Continue reading

What is a Comply™ Sport Pro tip?

Sport Pro memory foam tips are specially designed for a heavy workout and sweat session. Breathable memory foam ensure a secure fit so you can move freely. Our integrated TechDefender™ protects your earphones by keeping moisture, sweat and debris out. … Continue reading

Win the Battle Against Bad Sound and Poor Fit

If you’re one of the masses frustrated with poor sound quality, fleeting bass, tin-sounding tunes and plugging your earbuds back into your ears every 200 meters on your jog, find salvation in the best thing to ever happen to earphones. … Continue reading

What is a Comply™ Comfort tip?

Comply™ Comfort Series memory foam tips are specially designed to provide maximum comfort all day. These tips have a unique spherical shape to reduce the amount of pressure on your ear canal. That means no more interruptions due to ear … Continue reading

What is a Comply™ Isolation tip?

Sound Isolation Technology  Comply™ Isolation Series tips allow you to block outside noise and stay focused. Comply™ premium memory foam earphone tips are built for the musician, athlete and everyday listener. If you’re seeking total noise isolation, you’ve found your … Continue reading

Top True Wireless Earphones: People’s Choice

Since Ryan Reynolds first grazed the big screen with the world’s first concept of truly wireless earbuds back in 2008, the audio industry has been working hard to bring it to reality. In 2015, companies like Earin and Bragi pioneered … Continue reading

Comply™ TrueGrip™ Pro Tip Now Comes in Sizes Small, Medium and Large

  Finding the right replacement tip for your true wireless device just became easier. True Wireless earphones have continued to grow in popularity in the marketplace. With their unique designs, many users have noticed a lack of noise cancellation features, … Continue reading

Hey Mom, What is Your Favorite Song?

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Mother’s Day is such an important day as we celebrate those who gave us life, or those who dedicated their life as our mother figures. There is no possible way to repay our mom for the hard … Continue reading

Tune-in for Stress Awareness Day

Music can act as a powerful stress management tool in our lives. Living in the modern world comes with a lot of stress. We are incredibly lucky to be connected to the world around us through our cell phones and … Continue reading