Comply™ Launches Its Latest Innovation… Introducing a High-Tech Breakthrough in Headphone Pads


CES 2013

All the latest Comply News from CES 2013!

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Sound Revolution – Comply™ Premium Audio Accessories


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Comply™ Introduces a New Series of Premium Earphone Tips That Deliver Superior Comfort Without Compromising the Audio Experience

Soft comfort and superior audio experience bring together best of both worlds

Addressing the number one frustration of earphone users around the globe, Hearing Components introduced its Comfort Series line of earphone tips at CES 2013. Delivering amazing comfort through a spherical shape, Comfort Ts-Series tips are engineered with super soft memory foam that gently seals the ear canal, providing a superior audio experience and stay-in-ear fit.


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Comply™ Premium Earphone Tips Satisfy the Spectrum of Consumer Preferences

Comply™ Earphone Tips designed for active, isolation, comfort and professional lifestyles

Recognizing that no single tip can address all consumersʼ desires, Hearing Components is offering a full line of earphone tip styles designed to fit usersʼ lifestyles. Available online at and at major retailers, Complyʼs Premium Earphone Tips satisfy the spectrum of user preferences for sound and comfort.

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Comply™ Foam Plugs Cut the Intensity Without Compromising the Listening Experience

Acoustic baffling and high-pass filter design revolutionize the sound experience without distorting sound quality and damaging hearing

Addressing the need for comfortable ear plugs that cut the intensity of surrounding sound levels without compromising the sound quality, Hearing Components has introduced the Comply™ Foam Plugs. A natural extension of the Comply™ brand, the plugs are ideally suited for the concert-goer and frequent traveler alike. With a similar feel to Comply™ Premium Earphone Tips, the plugs are available online at for $19.95.

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