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Gear Gadget wrote up a nice overview of the Comply™ foam tip line and how they can “transform your listening experience.” Read more on this review here:

How to Make Your Jaybirds Even Better

When you’re ripping across the pavement at full speed or pushing to finish that last set of reps before exhaustion claims you, there’s one unfailing source of inspiration that keeps you going: music. Its beats, riffs and rhythms converge on … Continue reading

Hearing Components Partners With RHA on Industry-Leading In-Ear Headphones

Hearing Components, Inc., manufacturers of Comply™ Foam earpiece tips, continues their partnership with RHA, an award-winning personal audio equipment brand based in Glasgow, Scotland, to deliver the MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless, two revolutionary in-ear headphones that utilize pioneering designs … Continue reading

SoundCat represents Comply™ Foam at KITAS

A standing ovation goes to our distributor Soundcat for representing Comply at the premier Korean trade show event, KITAS, in August in Seoul. KITAS gathers the best of the best in smart devices and mobile accessories from around the globe, … Continue reading

New Model from Brand Partner: DUNU DK-3001

Announcing new model from DUNU! The Chinese company is among the world’s leading earphone manufacturers. Its latest dynamic, hybrid earphone, the DK-3001 features exceptional sound performance because of its special capability to combine one dynamic and three balanced armature drivers. … Continue reading

New Retail Partner: Audio world no longer waits in South Africa

A world of music and sounds awaits retail customers in South Africa. Thanks to distribution partner Luks Brands, Comply products will now be available in the Musica retail chain’s mega stores. Musica has 122 stores across South Africa offering music, … Continue reading

New Product: SonicFilters

With safe hearing being such an important topic today, we’ve updated our Comply™ Plugs product name and packaging to help shoppers take note of the offered advantages of SonicFilters. The new name and packaging provide a fresh new look, while … Continue reading

Hearing Components Partners With beyerdynamic on the Xelento model

OAKDALE, MN – 17 Aug, 2017 – Hearing Components, Inc., the manufacturers of Comply™ Foam earphone tips, recently teamed with beyerdynamic, a leading producer of high-quality professional audio products, for the Xelento remote and Xelento wireless, the German audio equipment company’s … Continue reading

All Hail the Audiophiles at CanJam London

In July, we exhibited our high-quality audio components at CanJam Global in London. This marked our first full-fledged booth at the London event, and enabled us to connect in person with our UK fans and OEM partners. produces CanJam … Continue reading

MEE audio M7 Pro: In-Ear Comfort and Quality

MEE audio is a group of audio enthusiasts who enjoy hearing music at its absolute best and creators of innovative high-performance audio gear. The group specializes in sports, wireless, and high-fidelity headphones, and is packaging 1 pair of Comply™ Truly Wireless … Continue reading