4 Things You Didn’t Know About Foam Earbud Tips

Most earbud tips are made out of silicone, a relatively soft material that fits snugly in the ear canal. But did you know that earbuds can be upgraded with foam tips to enhance their grip strength and comfort, mitigate ear fatigue, and block out unwanted noise? Here at Hearing Components, we’re experts at designing foam earbud tips that optimize your listening experience, and today we’ll be presenting four little-known facts about these unique products.

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  1. Foam earbud tips offer peerless grip strength.

When you’re in the middle of an intense run or a feverish jam session, nothing kills the excitement faster than a dislodged earbud. Standard silicone tips can frequently fall out of your ears at inopportune times, disrupting your listening experience and pulling you out of the moment. Why? Because silicone earbuds simply can’t adapt to the ever-changing size and shape of the human ear.

Comply™ Foam tips utilize a special viscoelastic foam technology to perfectly conform to the ear as it reacts to changes in your temperature, jaw position, and level of hydration. Our foam products offer 100% better grip than silicone, resulting in fewer interruptions during workouts and other intense activities. We also offer a special Sport series for athletes that is specially designed to stay put during even the most sweaty and feverish exercise sessions.

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How Comply™ Foam Takes Joe Ridler to the Top of the World

A roaring turboprop plane ascends above the clouds. Thousands of feet—above the birds, above the skyscrapers, straight to the top of the world. The ripping of the engine shakes the flying tin can as one man sits inside the cabin preparing for the descent of a lifetime. Clad in a suit akin to the spread of a flying squirrel, Joe Ridler, wingsuit athlete, plugs in his Comply earbuds, secures his helmet and prepares to deploy.

As a wingsuit athlete, Ridler encounters a lot of noise. Imagine cruising down the Autobahn. Once the speedometer strikes 150 miles per hour, you roll down the window and stick your head out in the elements. The howl of the wind wrapping around you is deafening. You can’t even hear yourself scream (because of course you scream when this happens, right?). That’s the sound Ridler meets face to face with at every jump—overwhelming wind noise with every descent.

Success and safety for Joe relies on his ability to hear beyond the wind. So, how does he do it? Sound salvation came to Joe as two small memory foam earbuds. A solution so simple, he’s mad he didn’t think of it sooner.


The Noise Isolation Every Aerial Competitor Needs

Some might think soaring through the sky in a winged suit simply requires the ability to navigate at Mach speeds via the nuances of your foot or hand. However, Ridler’s success in competition truly relies on his ability to hear subtle audio coming from his altimeter. Through varying beeps and tones, the altimeter and other devices sounding within his helmet alert Ridler that he’s entering competition zones as well as tell him how high he’s flying. Missing a single beep could mean the difference in deploying his canopy on time and deploying it too late.

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4 Truly Wireless Headphones We Made Even Better

Comply Foam Truly Wireless Premium Earphone Tips

Unless you were born after the spook of Y2K or have been living on a remote desert island for the past 20 years, you’ve probably noticed the impressive technological advances that have been made across consumer products. Laptops are lighter and more mobile than ever, the iPod was created and has gone through more than 20 iterations, and now you can literally take a walk in virtual reality by using cardboard. As if that wasn’t topsy-turvy enough, headphones have downsized from large, metal uncomfortable muffs to discreet high-tech wireless in-ear buds.

As fantastic as it is that headphones have downsized enough to fit wirelessly within your ear canal, manufacturers of these high-tech buds haven’t perfected a critical component yet: the earphone tip.

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Be The First To Hear It: Comply™ ‘Truly Wireless’ Earphone Foam Tips

Comply Foam Truly Wireless Premium Earphone Tips

Game-changing tips featuring premium fit, noise blocking, audio and comfort are compatible with The Dash and The Headphone by Bragi, Samsung Gear IconX, Jabra Elite Sport, Motorola VerveOne and more

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Jabra Chooses Comply™ Foam Tips for High-Tech, Special-Edition Headphones

Jabra Sport Pulse with Comply Foam Tips

Jabra launches next-generation wireless headphones for sports enthusiasts with Comply™ Isolation series included as accessory for superior noise cancelation and comfort

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Here’s a Tip for Universal Audio Lovers


Comply™ Foam launches new foam audio accessory with patented SmartCore™ technology, making it easier than ever for casual consumers to choose audio bliss at rest or at play

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Comply™ Foam Partners with Sennheiser

Oakdale, MN – Hearing Components, Inc., the manufacturer of Comply™ Premium Foam Tip products, has partnered with Sennheiser to develop a custom tip to fit specifically on the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (MIE2), CX 3.00, and CX 5.00 earphone models. This custom Comply™ Foam tip is now available exclusively on the US Sennheiser website, with a one-pair and a three-pair pack option for $6.99 and $15.99, respectively.

To learn more about the new Comply™ Custom Sennheiser tips, please visit:

To purchase these Comply™ Custom Sennheiser tips, please visit:

Please note: This is the ONLY Comply™ tip that fits these Sennheiser earphone models.

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RHA Announces Partnership With Comply™ Ear Tips

April 22, 2016: RHA is proud to announce a brand and product accessories partnership with Hearing Components, Inc., manufacturer of the Comply™ brand, to supply their market-leading premium ear tips with RHA products.

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Comply™ Launches Premium In-ear Earphone Tips in India

March 2015: Comply™ has entered the Indian market in exclusive partnership with Indian distributor Ferrari Video and its retail brand Headphone Zone (www.headphonezone.in).

Complyʼs Premium Earphone Tips provide comfort and improve sound quality through memory foam. The unique breathable memory foam provides all-day comfort, while eliminating in-ear irritation and fatigue often associated with stock silicone tips. Activated by body heat, these tips expand to fit the ear canalʼs unique shape, giving the user a custom fit and remarkable in-ear retention without irritation and fatigue.

Recognizing that no single tip can address all consumersʼ desires, Hearing Components offers a full line of earphone tip styles designed to fit usersʼ lifestyles. Complyʼs Premium Earphone Tips satisfy the spectrum of user preferences for sound and comfort.

Their entire product lineup is available in India with prices ranging from Rs.399 for a Single Pair to Rs.1799 for 3 Pairs of Ear Tips.

About Headphone Zone

Comply has partnered with Indian Distributors Ferrari Video, and their retail brand Headphone Zone, to exclusively distribute and market, and offer service and support for their Accessories in India.

Founded in 2012, by Raghav Somani, Headphone Zone is India’s first exclusive Headphones and Earphones Retailer with its first store in Bangalore. A unique concept combining the best of Technology, Fashion and Style, the brand now operates in 7 retail stores in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Recently, Headphone Zone launched India’s first exclusive Webstore for Headphones and Earphones: www.headphonezone.in. With a focus on high end premium Headphones, Earphones and Headphone Accessories, Headphone Zone aims to bring the best listening experiences from around the world to India.

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New Comply™ Sport Earphone Tips Propel Athletes Forward With Uninterrupted Comfort and Secure Fit

Comply™ Sport Plus option featuring new SweatGuard™ technology protects earphone investment without compromising performance

OAKDALE, MN. (Jan. 6, 2015) – Answering the cry from athletes of all levels for a solution to the discomfort and minor inconveniences caused by their earphones, Hearing Components has introduced a new line of earphone tips: Comply™ Sport and Sport Plus. Launched at CES 2015 (South Hall 1, booth 21054), Comply Sport and Sport Plus earphone tips are designed to fit the athlete’s lifestyle; providing secure fit and uninterrupted comfort so that they can stay focused and “in the zone.”

“Music is one of the tools that individuals use to stay focused, block out the world and propel themselves forward,” said Steve Trinter, director of sales and marketing for Hearing Components. “As athletes ourselves, we were fed up with earphones that continually fell out and developed Comply Sport as the solution.”

For users on the move, Comply Sport earphone tips deliver a custom stay-in-place fit, amazing all-day comfort and superior sound quality. The key to the fit is the body-heat activated memory foam which expands to fit the ear canal’s unique shape. The result is custom fit and remarkable in-ear retention so earphones remain snuggly in place even in the presence of moisture.

To help users protect their earphone investment, the Comply Sport Plus tips feature a sweat guard that prevents moisture from entering the earphones’ soundport. The SweatGuard™ technology incorporates an acoustically transparent filter that protects the earphone core from component corrosion and loss of sound quality caused by perspiration.

“As we see more technology integrated into the earbuds – from sensors to wireless receivers – the added weight will impact how well the earbuds stay in the ear,” explains Trinter. “Additionally, the moisture created by physical activity can seep into the earphone and cause corrosion and degradation of the electronic components. With Comply Sport Plus we’re protecting the performance of the equipment as well as the athletic experience.”

The Comply Sport and Sport Plus Earphone Tips can be purchased online at www.complyfoam.com and at major retailers in early 2015. Available in a two-pack, Sport tips are $8.95 and Sport Plus are $12.95.

For more information about the Comply™ Earphone Tips and the full line of Comply™ products visit www.complyfoam.com.

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