4 Common Earbud Frustrations & How to Fix Them

Earbuds empower you to enjoy your audio anytime and anywhere, filling you with fire, passion and positive energy whenever you need them. However, despite their many benefits, these invaluable tools often bear a few key drawbacks that inhibit your overall … Continue reading

Comply™ Foam Earphone Tips Exhibits at CES, the Global Stage for Innovation, for 10th Consecutive Year

OAKDALE, Minn., Dec. 21, 2017 — Hearing Components, Inc., the manufacturers of Comply™ Foam earphone tips (www.complyfoam.com), will be exhibiting an array of its high-quality ear tips at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 9-12, 2018. This exciting … Continue reading

See you at CES 2018!

For the 10th consecutive year, Comply™ will exhibit at CES in Las Vegas. The “global stage for innovation” runs from Jan. 9-12, and gives us an awesome opportunity each year to connect in person with our distributors, resellers and OEM … Continue reading

5 Things Your Earbuds Are Missing

Whether you’re a musician, an athlete or an audio techie, earbuds are a fantastic way to experience your favorite sounds to their fullest without the clunkiness or constrictions of headphones. If you already have a great pair of earbuds, you … Continue reading

Earbuds Are King: The Difference Between Earbuds and Headphones

Whether you’re a passionate music lover, athlete or podcast addict, odds are you aren’t willing to leave your favorite audio content behind when you leave the house or have to keep things quiet. That’s why headphones and earbuds are so … Continue reading

Comply™ replacement tips now sold globally in B&O stores!

Fans of B&O’s in-ear earphone models now get even more access to premium sound, comfort and fit! B&O recently began stocking Comply™ Foam replacement tips at hundreds of its stores around the world. Plus, new customers can demo the Comply™ … Continue reading

Tune into noise reduction with new You Tune

Taking off in a Kickstarter campaign, You Tune has quickly risen to become a bonafide supreme quality hearing protection – and a Comply™ brand partner. With patented adjustable earplugs, adjustable filter technology and a host of interchangeable music accessories, You Tune … Continue reading

Soul-touching clarity from Fidue Virgo

Joining our brand partner family, Fidue is launching its new, precisely tuned, 3-way hybrid in-ear monitor, the Fidue Virgo, to provide powerful, “soul-touching” sound clarity. Designed to comfortably stay put, including for musicians performing on stage using a personal monitoring … Continue reading

In Review: Geargadgets.net

Gear Gadget wrote up a nice overview of the Comply™ foam tip line and how they can “transform your listening experience.” Read more on this review here: https://gearngadgets.net/transform-listening-experience-comply-foam-tips/

How to Make Your Jaybirds Even Better

When you’re ripping across the pavement at full speed or pushing to finish that last set of reps before exhaustion claims you, there’s one unfailing source of inspiration that keeps you going: music. Its beats, riffs and rhythms converge on … Continue reading